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About Us

Our founder started caring for little ones at a family daycare called “Mamis Daycare.” Later on, they had the urge to care for more children until God finally granted them a gift six years later. They acquired a larger daycare center, where they care for infants and toddlers and provide children up to 5 years old with academic and spiritual reinforcement.

Inspired by Christ’s spirituality and love for children, GOMS believes in providing a comfortable environment where children can be educated, protected, and cared for. Our provider-to-student ratio gives us an easy-to-manage class size and allows us to teach in the best possible way. We ensure we are always well-staffed and can focus on each child entirely. This method helps to enrich their ability to learn socially, emotionally, cognitively, independently, and spiritually.

Dancing Teachers and Toddler

Our Location

Our center is at the border of Jersey City Heights and next to Hoboken on an artery of public transportation that brings commuters to places like New York City, downtown Jersey City, malls, and much more. With more than two decades of experience in caring, loving, and protecting young ones, GOMS is proud to be one of Jersey City’s greatest assets.