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Teaching and Caring at the Little One's Pace

Infant Care (0–12 Months Old)

Infant Care (0–12 Months Old)

We will pair your baby with a teacher who provides personalized and compassionate care throughout the day so he can receive continuous nurturing, love, and attention.

Toddler Care (13–24 Months Old)

Toddler Care (13–24 Months Old)

We provide an encouraging learning environment that is conducive to your toddler’s development and helps elevate his God-given talents, social and emotional skills, spirit, and energy.

Big Toddlers (2 to 3 Years Old)

Big Toddlers (2 to 3 Years Old)

Similar services from the toddler care but with dedicated daily interactive group activities and a social skills enhancement program that help prepare them for Pre-K and beyond.

Before & After-School Program

Before & After-School Program

We have excellent, encouraging tutors who will support your young student in the areas where he needs extra guidance and help them become more curious and eager to learn. We reinforce his skills, awaken his curiosity, and nurture his creativity so each child can become a great community member. In the end, expect them to be ready to face the world with confidence and grace.

Childcare Services in Jersey City, NJ

It is important to guide and support children during their developmental years because they need holistic learning experiences that optimize their physical, intellectual, emotional, and social capacities. Institutions like GOMS Development & Learning Center provide a safe space for growth amid the diverse work arrangements of parents and other life circumstances.

Our mission is to provide compassionate and high-quality childcare services in Jersey City, NJ, for infants through preschoolers in a home-like setting, offering comfort and tranquility. Our daycare center is equipped with a developmentally appropriate and safe environment for children.

By providing a structured system that implements a personalized and stimulating curriculum, we allow children to develop at their own pace. Our desire is for them to grow in a peaceful and loving environment where strong faith is integrated.

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Our Philosophy

GOMS is based on the Reggio Emilia approach. This philosophy highlights the key ideas of respect, responsibility, and community involvement, focusing on the interests of the children. We encourage children to learn at their own pace by emphasizing and building on their core strengths through a structured system.

We strongly believe in a constantly growing relationship with God and His teachings and thus strive to portray it in our daily lives. Our goal is for the children to develop this personal relationship through daily devotionals, art, worship, and theatre. We have faith that each child will flourish into the person he/she was destined to be. We also trust that each child will accomplish his God-given purpose, with us assisting each step of the way.


My daughter has been going there for about a year now since just under 1 & we love the progress we see from her. They help her reach her milestones the same way we do at home. They go on walks, art projects (which I love getting), reading & playtime. When we do get off on the morning she runs right in, she loves it there. I also love how much the teachers seem to love the kids & what they do, you don’t see that everywhere.

Stacie E.
Jersey City, NJ

Our son has been attending GOMs for seven months. He started when he was a little baby of 5 months and is now a wild little toddler of one year. We all love GOMS. He literally laughs out loud when he gets to school. He loves it there so much. The teachers and directors are amazing care givers and you can feel how much they care about the kids. I feel like I’m leaving my baby with family. They have been there with us every step of the way through all our learning as new parents. The other parents and kids are also great and it’s a really nice community. They recently added a shed to leave strollers which is a huge convenience.

Amber K.
Orland Park, IL

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Our caregivers are very dedicated, loving, and easily accessible, so contact us for inquiries or any concerns you might have. We’re ready to answer your questions and help you get comfortable with us caring for your child.

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